Agent Culson's success story

Days 1 to 12 
- Employed by State war Acadmy in high sec
- worked up to 1 mil a day in missions // 200k a day mining Veldpsar
- IQ decreasing rapidly while scanning recruitment and rookie chat
- 20 million isk banked. 
- Bought a few ships

Days 13-16 
- Recruited to IG but stayed in high sec
- Was told to sell everything and move to null sec. 
- Did not listen (why drop everything and move??)
- was ganked 3 or 4 times while doing missions/mining 
- started to stay bored and docked (out of ships and money)
- Decided it was time to move

Day 17 
- Moved to null sec with IG (Given salvager, explorer and mining ships)
Day 18 
- went back to Jita day one and sold almost everything
Day 19-25
- exploring, mining, skilling, salvaging, and sometimes even shooting stuff.
- Getting sensible questions answered and direction on short term/ long term ship planning
- Making 50m to 300m a day depending on the mood
Day 25 
- At this point made 800m
- Still playing because of corp.

****** TL:DR  *******
Before - Struggled making a 1 mil daily
After -- making over 100mil PER DAY.
Join a good corp. 
Get out of high sec.

Alpha Clone to Omega Trillionaire

  • Day 0 - created alpha clone. 5K ISK.
  • Day 3 - finally finished all agent missions (skipped the Sisters of EVE Arc). 5M ISK
  • Day 5 - mining for 4 million ISK per hour, and doing so for the last time as I bought my first Gallente hauler and fitted it out with 30k ehp shield tank to comfortably haul 100M cargoes in high sec.
  • Day 10 - station traded up to 20M ISK per day. Hit plateau. 70M ISK.
  • Day 15 - been making 10-40 million ISK per hour hauling trading pairs found on 150M ISK.
  • Day 20 - Joined a newbie corp in high sec. Liquidated everything and moved to corp nullsec hq. Standing at 250M ISK.
  • Day 21 - Realizing my ISK per hour dropping due to PVP focus of corp.
  • Day 27 - Learned a lot in how to survive in high sec with the PVP corp. Left newbie corp for another (thank goodness corps aren't marriages). Liquidated everything and hopped into another newbie corp that offered a somewhat more secure pocket of nullsec space. 350M ISK.
  • Day 33 - Wondering why I didn't join that corp in the first place. Salvaging in Catalyst paying off more mining or ratting 60M ISK per hour. 780M ISK.
  • Day 36 - Jump clone to Jita to buy up 150M worth of skill books. Die in glorious combat to wardeccing camp at Jita. 840M ISK.
  • Day 37 - Salvaging at every opportunity in a Tristan for AFK salvage drones, then Algos salvager for combo active and AFK salvaging. 60 mil ISK per hour not counting loot which doubles that take sometimes. Ratting for 40M ISK per hour otherwise. They say the last 200M of your first billion takes forever. I rake it in under 4 hours salvaging easy. 1.2 Billion ISK.
  • Day 38 - Salvaging and ratting combined yields 70 mil ISK per hour as alpha clone. Figure its time to make the jump. Spend 1.1 Billion ISK for plex. Omega now!
  • Day 43 - Skilled up to use VNI for ratting, now making as much ratting as salvaging, 60M ISK per hour not counting dank pirate loot, or escalations for sale. 850M ISK.
  • Day 44 - Ratting and salvaging, and now joining my fleet mates for system protection. 70M ISK per hour. 1.2 Billion ISK in the bank.


That first billion is tough but you learn alot. Took me 37 days as alpha (and more than half of it in the last week as an alpha in a nullsec corp). Made second billion in 6 days as omega. It can be done. :) I played about 3 hours per day. As I engage in a more passive means to make plexable ISK amounts (Planetary Interaction I hear is the key), I hope to cut down my time commitment to EVE to half, so I can win the game of real life as well as EVE. :)
I have a business plan: To plex again, and then make my third billion and skill inject to start Planetary Interaction, and get my ratting DPS to 747 in a VNI.
Thanks to an amazing community, and youtube, and my corp. You too, Alpha Clone player, can be as successful as me or better. :) Not a penny spent on this game (though I do intend to support CCP by perhaps buying a skin here or there if its not on market).
This is my alpha clone success story. Someday I hope to make a new post titled Diary of an Alpha Clone to Omega Trillionaire.

Layne Quanta

I remember trying EVE in the old 14 days Trial a few years ago, I was very young and therefor didn’t quite catch how the game works but still understood that this game was and still is unique. A few months ago I was a Moderator on a known Minecraft community (FyreUK) but drama happened and I decided it was about time to move to another game after many many hours of placing blocks.

And this is how I ended up starting another trial account, years after my first attempt, but this time to stay and learn how the game works as a goal. Like most of us, after a few days, while I actually was searching for a good newbro corp, I received this mail from a Null Corp’s CEO proposing me to join his corp. And I joined in doubting how Null life could be for a Newbro, but oh boy what a wonderful decision !

Right after I joined started a "Pap contest" in which members were asked to get as much Paps as possible. Long story short : that contest rewarded you for having fun in fleets ! Perfect right ? Sure was ! I ended up second, participated in tons of fun fleets, among those mostly Interpid’s roams and Burn Amarr event’s kills, and won my first billion !

I’ll make you notice the "first" in last sentence. ‘Cause in all honesty, if you’re not making tons of money in null, you’re doing it wrong. When I wasn’t going in fleets having fun and killing stuff, I was mostly salvaging wrecks in belts while waiting for my ratting and pvp skills to train up. By the end of my first month, I had about two billions, one I had won sure, but another one I did on my own and mostly by salvaging. And then ratting came by and billions dropped ! (quite litteraly as I had a lucky 1.2b 6/10 as my second 6/10 ahah)

To conclude, I’ll say Null and especially IG has made the game more than enjoyable, as I made quite a few friends and ended up in tons of fun fleets even though I was (and still am for sure) a lowskilled to noskilled player ! :)
So if you are hesitating about coming down to Null, don’t anymore, you won’t regret it ! :D


it's a it's really no surprise that everything in eve is better with a friend.

after my birth into gallente space of new eden, i roamed around withs lots of awe and little clue. then i got a recruitment mail from aura. it was the first positive interaction i had in eve....he wasn't shooting me or trying to get isk from me so i figured i might want keep that around and joined up. not too long after that interpid took us out on a was fun, i began to really like eve. then....he did it again, and then another time...and i soon became hooked.

ig was quiet then, not a lot going on...right place at the right time i guess because i quickly became a low level officer which i enjoyed trying to do well. then aura and interpid spoke about joining exe, moving to cloud ring. i had no idea what an ihub was, let alone understand half of what they were saying, but this was the guy who wasn't trying to shoot me and the other guy that showed me and some friends what bubbles are. i was in space love with them both and would have followed them anywhere. i'm so glad i did.

after we moved to cloud ring, i had teamspeak installed, my api's registered...but thought there was no way i would install a jabber client or actually use the exe or goon forums. however after a good amount of whiskey one night, deciding i was too drunk to fly my prized vexor navy issue, i did the steps for jabber....i started getting pings about things...getting in the game. then next thing i know...i'm actually using the exe app, with evemon, reading the goon forums, looking at calendars....getting involved.

my success story is that i have a blast in eve because i do what i want to do. i used all the tools made available to me by my fine friends in ig, exe, and imperium to discover what is fun for me in eve. i found out i love being logi in large scale fleets,  that i can make an impressive income flying a jump frieghter for itl, and my passion for good conversation gets lit as a new imperium diplomat. anything you want to do in eve is possible because of all these tools and sigs we have as access to as ig members. build your sandcastle :)

fly fun

Agitaru Oramara on Null Security Space

So there i was on another dreadful day, mining rocks in an asteroid belt, somewhere in Caldari high-sec. I had only recently discovered how to hover around the space and turn my worthless pebbles into some isk. Times were dreadful, i was poor, had no (space)friends and skills so crappy i had to run from pirate frigates.

Suddenly i was hailed by another pilot, Aura Ikku, wondering if i would like to join their corporation. 
I was really stunned, knowing how worthless i would be for anyone with a sole mining frigate and no real idea of Eve in general.

The moment i joined, i had the opportunity to ask help and knowledge from fellow corp members. Each answer i received raised another question for me, but they were patient and provided all the steps i needed to get on my feet.
Having their support i finally took my two things and set for the fearsome null-sec, which turned out to be not so fearsome at all.

Suddenly i had people to fly with, ask silly questions, share bad jokes, kill space pirates and eventually fly in fleets with the big boys.
Not so much longer i was flying through the wormholes, blowing enemy space pilots out of the skies, camping the gates for unlucky passers and protecting my home against attackers.

Then i felt, i was not being useless any more. I had a purpose, i had achieved something.
I had a place to call home.

Accepting that offer to join the Imperial Guardians could likely be the main reason i ever continued to play eve and i would not change that to any other.

Agitaru Oramara

- a Space pilot of 6 months

Image & Media Credit: CCP Games, Tigaer-Design, and some people I could't find names for